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Reishi Shroom Sparkles

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The Happiest Mushroom Boost your mood, lower anxiety and up the chill factor with a popular mushroom clinically studied around the world for benefits against depression. why we love it * Reishi Shroom Sparkles can relax your mind, enhance your mood, and provide a sense of wellness* * A great mushroom that helps  to unwind and set your mind at ease despite daily stressors * Used around the world to boost immunity and ease low-mood and depressive symptoms  * Very subtle, pleasant flavor, slightly sweetened with monkfruit. Perfect for adding to coffee, tea, smoothies or simply mixed with coconut water or nut milk key ingredients Reishi Mushroom: Mood boosting properties to lower anxiety and improve sense of well-being  Monk fruit: Provides sweetness from natural compounds called mogrosides to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and suppress appetite how to use Mix 1-2 teaspoons with 8 oz.


• Made in United States
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Reishi Shroom Sparkles