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Saga - Adaptogenic Herbal Mushroom Coffee

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Inspired by deep forest wild-crafting, our Saga herbal coffee delivers richly on both taste and plant medicine. Similar to a smooth Colombian in taste profile, with notes of red apple, homemade caramel and Seville orange with a lingering treacle finish. SAGA utilizes three of these fungal “super-foods”—chaga, local lionsmane, and red reishi. Saga’s adaptogenic mushrooms provide powerful immune support, while helping improve neural health and mental clarity. Chaga, red reishi, and ashwagandha help cleanse the liver, build immune and adrenal strength, and stabilize hormone levels. Gently energizing. Helps sharpen memory and focus when used regularly. Chicory root,* cacao,* carob,* dandelion root,* locally grown lionsmane mushroom,* chaga mushroom,* reishi mushroom,* ashwagandha root,* goji berry* — *certified organic | caffeine-free


• Made in United States • Weight: 3.53 oz (100 g)
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Saga - Adaptogenic Herbal Mushroom Coffee